What We Do

Import and Export Consultation

When you think about export growth, what are your challenges? Making sure your company is ready, market intelligence and finding relevant business partners are probably high on the list?

Montez International specialises in helping businesses just like yours to profitably grow through expanding in international markets. We provide expert support and guidance in the areas you need to make sure you are fully prepared and have a winning strategy in place for a successful export journey.

Using our tried and tested methodologies, we work with you to assess your level of export readiness plus devise and implement an export strategy that actually works and delivers results. We help you avoid the costly mistakes, stop you driving down the blind alleys or taking the wrong turns.

Whatever stage you are at in your business, whatever the level of support you need, we turn your ambitions into reality.

Helping businesses go International

When you are looking to export for the first time, it can be both an exciting and a daunting prospect. You may not yet have your product/service fully defined; you are unsure which countries offer the best returns; what’s the best route-to-market; how do you find the right partners/customers; what are the customs rules and regulations?

There are so many questions and costly pitfalls to be avoided. Professional advice and guidance from experts in the export field will save you precious time and money by putting you on the right path to success.

We offer a comprehensive range of flexible services to support you on your export journey.

Lets Setup your business for International Import and Export

Business Consultants & Life Coaches.

Tough times don’t last, tough people, do.

In these turbulent times, sign up with our Business Consultants or Life Coaches for one to one customized coaching programs delivered through online Zoom sessions.

  • Multiple sessions to drive personal & professional productivity.
  • Each session of approximately 75 mins / 1-2 sessions per week.
  • Powerful conversations with our business advisors to drive rapid action planning.
  • Option to sign up for our online courses for free.
  • Supported by relevant articles/case studies &behavioural inventories like Gallup Strengths Finder / Locus of Control & more.
  • Available in multiple durations from 15 days to 60 days.
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Management Consulting

Does your business have challenges of people's poor motivation, poor execution excellence, erratic growth, inconsistent service delivery, daily firefighting, poor people management by Managers, and inconsistent strategy execution?

Looking for a partner who can help you address these challenges?

Our business consultants work with you to focus your Strategic Clarity, develop your processes, train your teams, coach them on the job & helps you manage their performance through strong dashboard measures. Every week these business consultants will work for your team across multiple cities of metros like Mumbai, Delhi etc & upcountry markets to provide weekly training, coaching on the job, daily tracking of field productivity & regular feedback to the leadership.

This helps you improve execution excellence leading to a better quality of people, higher customer satisfaction & a positive impact on Sales & profits.


Business Coach Profile

The sessions would be taken by Mr. T V BALASUBRAMANIAN, Founder of Montez International Limited in New Zealand, a top business coach based in Auckland, New Zealand. With over 30 plus years of extensive experience in Fresh Fruit Export Business overseas. Mr. Balasubramanian aka Bala has been with the Fresh Fruits for almost 3 decades now. As a Business Migrant he moved to New Zealand from Dubai in early 90’s, spent 7 years as a Regional Manager and 4 years as Manager for New & Developing markets for ZESPRI Kiwifruit lead the first exports into many territories. India being the first country in the world to allow a horticultural produce in 1998.To schedule a 30-minute Zoom call (FREE) to discuss a customized series of sessions for you, contact us now.

Tough times don’t last, tough people, do.

In these chaotic times, we can either get scared or take up this challenge to re-design our businesses, change our Leadership styles, and thrive & grow in the post COVID world.

The choice is ours.

Thriving & Growing in a post-COVID World:

  • How bad is the situation really?
  • Three responses to a crisis – which one are you in?
  • Examples from the business on how leaders are handling & even growing in this crisis.

Business Coaching:

  1. Developing Strategic Clarity & Vision.
  2. Improving Sales Manager Capability.
  3. Designing compensation & Incentive programs.
  4. Improving the leadership organizational climate.
  5. Improving brand strength.
  6. Improving recruitment quality.
  7. Driving salesperson capability.
  8. Improving channel management.
  9. Designing sales processes & dashboard metrics for outcomes & input parameters.
  10. Building performance management & appraisal systems.
  11. Improving team engagement.
  12. Improving execution excellence in the team.

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Life Coaching:

  1. Setting personal goals.
  2. Developing analytical skills.
  3. Time management & prioritization.
  4. Planning Skills.
  5. Problem Solving & Decision Making.
  6. Managing Teams.
  7. Conflict Management skills.
  8. Coaching Skills.
  9. How to run an Effective Meeting.
  10. Managing strong emotions – anger.
  11. Handling angry customers.
  12. How to do an Effective Appraisal.
  13. How to take Feedback.
  14. How to give effective feedback.
  15. How to handle procrastination.

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